Thursday, March 20, 2008

looking up...

i might have said this on here before, but i really believe my life mirrors the seasons. at least that has been the case over the last couple of years. autumn always starts out beautiful, full of changes... but then at some point everything is stripped away and i'm left bare, exposed to the elements... things get cold. but in the midst of the gray, there is a hope of spring... and then it comes. what had died is now revived, renewed, and seems to be more beautiful than ever, simply because we had to wait so much for it. spring has come in nashville, and in my heart.

i got the awesome opportunity to record with nicole c. mullen last week for her new album... i did a small cello part and some background vocals for one song... i got to work with a couple amazing and experienced producers, and i learned so much, just in that one session. they passed on a lot of wisdom about how to get into the industry carefully and with integrity... i will be sure to let you know when the album comes out. watch for it in july. :-D

i'm also gonna be blessed to get three or four of my own songs produced soon... hopefully it won't be too long, and you'll see them up on my myspace.

i have just been sitting in awe lately... i by no means am ready to quit starbucks and do music full-time, but the connections i have made and the way some things have fallen into place blows me away... and takes the credit completely away from me... it has so clearly been the hand of my Lord working these things for me, and i cannot praise Him enough!


PK Girl said...

Hey!! It's your coz!! I'm so proud of you!!! I love nicole c. mullen and i'm buying her new CD in July!!! I love you so much!! Remember God in everything you do!!
~Michelle~ ly!!

Kelly said...

DUDE. You blow my mind! I am so excited! :-) I can't wait to hear the album and hear your songs produced too:)... I was just telling Jer and his bro yesterday how I thought it would be so awesome to sing background on a cd:)... LOL... You're living it! :-)

courtneykayla said...

hey--i'll continue to keep you in my prayers! keep it up! :)