Thursday, March 6, 2008

just a kid doing grown-up things...

i woke up this morning and just had one of those moments where i felt 15 again, in a grown-up world. i even told my roommate that i felt like it was weird that i had my own apartment... some days i can't believe how quickly this point in life has come. but i must say i am enjoying it so so much!

i met with the women's director at my church (Strong Tower Bible Church) this morning to talk about how and where i can get plugged in there, and just to get to know her... and it was a good chance to reflect back on my time in nashville so far and how the Lord has orchestrated things. i am overwhelmed when i look at all i have already been through and where i am right now... i never dreamed that i would be this far along after 7 months.

last sunday night i played in a benefit concert for tornado victims... i was there to play with sammy sylvester, a producer i met at my church... and the other artists for the concert were tommy sims, vince gill and amy grant. it was an in-the-round kind of show, and i ended up just playing along with everyone's songs here and there. so i have now played with amy grant... and vince gill... it didn't hit me for a couple of days how exciting that is. :-)

i am going to start playing with sammy as he gets gigs, and i am really excited for it. he is passionate about there being a cause behind the music - raising awareness or money for ministries, people in need, whatever... i am excited for the chance to tie the great passions in my life together - music and ministry... it's too much to put into writing here, but i am so in awe of God's blessing on my life right now. things are really moving. :-)

that's all for now... i couldn't ask to be in a better place right now.


Kelly said...

Cara I am so stinkin' proud of you.... you are so awesome!!!


Have a very good weekend!!!

Mark said...

I guess I can say that I've played with someone who has played with Vince Gill... :)

That is awesome. Keep it up!


Kelly said...

I have been thinking about you today ;-)
I love ya!!!!!