Sunday, August 19, 2007

what now?...

it's sunday afternoon... and my parents have left.

i'm officially on my own.

with a big dream in a big world.

what now?

i was telling randy, whose house i am living in for awhile (he's my mom's cousin's's that for connections?), that i don't even know what i'm going to do with myself this week, having no job and knowing no one... and he just said, "well, the first thing you need to do this week is just spend a lot of time in prayer."

such simple advice... that i desperately needed to hear. they're having people over tonight for a going away party for their daughter, and he told me that they would love to have a prayer time for me... to offer me a support system, to know that people are behind me... wow.

in just 2 days of being here, there have already been little things happen where i have just seen my God show up... He is quietly speaking comfort to my nervous heart... reminding me that i am His.

i can't wait to watch His plans unfold.

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