Friday, December 4, 2009

this is a test... see if anyone still checks my blog. i don't know if i should even bother updating, but i at least want to provide a little musical update for those interested...

i have been playing for awhile with my girl Amy Stroup, who has had her song "Hold Onto Hope Love" on ABC's "Brothers & Sisters" and "Private Practice" recently. she is a lovely lady putting out great songs like crazy.

it's been a huge joy to play and travel with Cindy Morgan over the last year, and i'm getting ready to head out on the Gloria Christmas Tour for the second year with her, Travis Cottrell and Shaun Groves. i could not be more excited to be out on the road with such wonderful people for an even more wonderful cause.

in february i will hit the road with Michael Gungor, who you must check out if you have not yet. then, sometime in the spring/summer next year, plans are in the works for a tour with St. Lola in the Fields, whom you must also check out!

so... lots of wonderful things taking place in my life these days. my God has worked a wonder in my life recently, and i am walking with a full and hopeful heart for these awesome opportunities he's placed in front of me. thanks for tuning into my wonderful adventure.


Justin said...

I subscribe in my RSS reader! So yes, at least one person is "checking" your blog. Glad to hear that you're doing so well!

Heather said...

I have been subscribed to your blog for awhile and read whenever you post. Glad things are going well!