Tuesday, September 25, 2007

well...i have been busy at work and have not updated much...i'm not sure how much there is to say, but here i am! i'm in my third week at starbucks, and i actually wake up most days excited to go to work - i love it! i work with some wonderful people and i just enjoy what i get to do...i mean, you can't complain about free starbucks drinks all day! :-)

other than work, i was able to go on a retreat with the young adult bible study i've been going to...and that was good. i wasn't necessarily in need of a "retreat" yet, but it was a great chance to meet some people and be reminded of my purpose in being here in Nashville...there are some opportunities for me to get involved in the lives of the downtrodden, oppressed and often-ignored people here in Nashville...and i'm stoked. i'm ready to be a part of Jesus setting some people free!

every day it starts to feel a little more like home...but i wonder if i will ever really feel at "home" anywhere in this world...i am so hungry for my Groom to come for me...

so that's the update... a continual lesson of trust and rest in my God, knowing it's not up to me, and it never was!

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